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Duclos Fougeray

Calvados AOC Heritage +4 years Duclos Fougeray Pays de Bray 42%

Calvados AOC Heritage +4 years Duclos Fougeray Pays de Bray 42%

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Supple and frank, the finesse of the apple is revealed from the start in this blend of 4 to 8 year old vintages from the estate.

Aurélie Braquet develops A very balanced Calvados with well brayonne apples. It remains in the worthy line of Hervé Duclos, this Cidreon professor who will have awakened his terroir.


Fruity aromas of apple brought by the young Calvados harmoniously married with the complex woody and vanilla notes of the old Calvados.


This all-terrain calvados is ideal for discovering calvados AOC.

As a digestive: At room temperature in a large glass.

As an aperitif: alone on ice, quite chilled

In Mixology: "long drink" 3/10 of Calvados and
7/10 schweppes, ice cubes. In Trou Normand: 5 cl of Calvados with an apple or pear sorbet.

In the kitchen: to flambé the apples of your pies and deglaze the meat before adding the cream.

APPELLATION: Calvados AOC - farm production from the Pays de Bray

One of the best Calvados of its generation, it was Gold Medal at the Concours Général Agricole in Paris in 2013, in the Calvados VSOP category.

TERROIR: In the heart of the buttonhole of Bray, a unique geological formation in France, not far from the cheese dairies of Neuchatel and the casino of Forges-les-eaux, 24 pommages (varieties) flourish on the 18 ha of cider apple trees . Located on an east-facing hillside, formed mainly of clay and Jurassic shell limestone, Sieur Duclos' apple trees naturally give Calvados power and aromatic finesse.

AGE: Blend of calvados from 4 to 8 years old produced and elaborated at the estate, aging is done in 2 phases: after a passage in oak barrels, new fine grain of 400 liters which will give pretty woody aromas, a reduction is carried out after 2 years. Then the calvados are aged in old 225 liter barrels from the age of 3 years.

CIDRES: Aurélie does everything as she did before Hervé. It distils strong ciders of 6 to 8 months with their lees.

POMMAGES: Hervé Duclos has been working for more than 20 years on varieties of cider apples and brings up to date varieties from Brayonne. Clos-Renaux, Fréquin-rouge, Rouge-Heather, Gros-Oeillet, Muscadet de Dieppe, Amère Petite de Bray.

Alcohol: 42%

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