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Duclos Fougeray

Duclos Fougeray - Pays de Bray spirit - Calvados AOC

Duclos Fougeray - Pays de Bray spirit - Calvados AOC

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One of the best Calvados of its generation, it was Bronze Medal at the Concours Général Agricole de Paris in 2013, in the Calvados AOC over 10 years category. It is also a Calvados committed to affirming the excellence of the Pays de Bray terroir.


Eye ; a calvados with a pretty ruby ​​red color.

Intense, complex and woody nose going as far as rancio.

Pretty fruity and candied palate, with aromas of cooked vanilla apple, a round Calvados. The ardor of the alcohol is very controlled. On the length, it reveals a very beautiful aromatic range of candied black cherry and port. A very nice assembly.

OUR OPINION: This calvados blend of eau de vie aged 8 to 16 years from the estate reveals rare aromas of red fruits. Mature and balanced. it is an excellent digestive and a strong commitment to the country of Bray.

APPELLATION : Calvados AOC - farm production from the Pays de Bray

In 1942, a regulated designation of origin (AOR) specific to the Pays de Bray designated the specificity of the terroir and the aromatics of these places.
Since 1984, the AOR Pays de Bray appellation has disappeared for lack of producers. It joins the Controlled Calvados appellation of origin.
AGING: Only calvados over 8 years old are carefully selected to join the best reserve barrels of the estate. One was selected for its fine breeding. This is the great selection of Domaine Duclos Fougeray in which are assembled Calvados from 8 to 15 years and more.

This is the domain's last aging phase for calvados over 8 years old selected by the cellar master. After being spent in stave oak barrels, new fine grain of 400 liters which will give nice woody aromas, a reduction is carried out after 2 years. Then the calvados are aged in old 225 liter barrels from the age of 3 years.

TERROIR: In the heart of the buttonhole of Bray, unique geological formation in France, not far from the Neuchatel cheese dairies and the casino of Forges-les-eaux, 24 pommages (varieties) flourish on the 18 ha of cider apple trees . the orchards located on a hillside exposed to the east, formed essentially of clay and limestone shells from the Jurassic period, the apple trees naturally give the calvados power and aromatic finesse.

CIDERS: The estate distills strong ciders aged 6 to 8 months with their lees.

POMMAGES: the Duclos estate has been working on cider apple varieties for more than 20 years and is bringing Brayon varieties up to date. Clos-Renaux, Fréquin-rouge, Rouge-Heather, Gros-Oeillet, Muscadet de Dieppe, Amère Petite de Bray.

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